Laura Krey Design is the interior design practice of Laura Krey. Based in New York City, LKD was established in 2008 with two fundamental beliefs: that living with beauty can inspire and the process of creating a home helps you discover more about yourself. Through careful editing, investigating, and organization I bridge these worlds for my clients and ultimately create unified, yet highly personal environments reflective of each client’s unique needs.




We live most fully when we understand our spaces and our spaces understand us. LKD researches clients’ specific spatial needs at the outset of each project.


From a full-set of construction documents, to a hand-sketch for a custom furniture piece, LKD creates necessary documentation to convey and describe each client’s project.


LKD sources globally for unique objects, materials and artisans to customize each and every project.




LKD will supervise the construction, creation and manufacturing involved with the project, to get every client to the finish line.


It’s not the journey, it’s the destination. The construction process can be maddening, but LKD clients MUST love and be 100% satisfied with the end results.